HighPoint CPAs

Client Success Representative

Job Description

The Client Success Representative’s role is to serve as a client advocate and liaison between the HighPoint CPAs professional team members and the firm’s clients. This position will facilitate clients with administrative tasks as they relate to communicating and doing business with the firm. The Client Success Representative will also assist clients with other tasks specific to tax and accounting compliance activities. This professional position works closely with all team members in the firm and is considered a highly valued resource. The overall performance goal for the Client Success Representative is to help the client receive a top-notch client experience and to help professionals in the firm optimize their time completing the important work that trusted advisors do. The growth potential for this position includes becoming a Client Success Manager for the firm and overseeing the front line for client communication and internal support to all team members.


Essential Sills and Attributes:

  • Good verbal and written communication skills

  • High emotional IQ

  • Sense of humor and tolerant demeanor

  • Self-Starter and trouble shooter


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Phone support for incoming and outgoing calls

  • Walk-in support for clients and other advisors

  • Monitoring shared email inboxes and

  • Technical support for client portal system

  • Understanding of basic tax and financial processes to help clients’ complete tasks

  • Support firm sales and marketing initiative

  • Internal staff support for administrative tasks such as making client phone calls, scheduling appointments, sending text messages and scanning.

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