NOVEMBER 4, 2022
CPA Group of Laramie, LLC and Capital Clarity Company, LLC Announce Merger, Operating Under HighPoint CPAs, LLC

LARAMIE, WY – CPA Group of Laramie, LLC, a Laramie-based, tax advisory and planning firm, and Capital Clarity Company, LLC, a Laramie-based, client accounting services (CAS) and tax preparation firm, announce a company merger with the formation of HighPoint CPAs, LLC. The merger will be effective December 1, 2022.

“CPA Group and Capital Clarity have worked together for a few years, through mutual clients, and have advised each other on best practices. I am very excited to officially combine our efforts to offer the best quality service to our clients,” said Jason Roesler, CPA. Jason will serve as Chief Executive Officer and Director of Tax, and will be responsible for managing tax compliance, tax planning and minimization, and wealth advisory.

This merger combines the missions and values of Capital Clarity Co. and of CPA Group of Laramie. With a shared value of pursuing excellence, each firm is dedicated to serving Wyoming clientele, bringing custom accounting solutions and tax advisory services that empower clients to achieve their financial goals. Their partnership, operating under HighPoint CPAs, LLC, will serve to:

  • Reinforce the firm’s expertise and capabilities in key service areas

  • Provide current and future clients access to full-encompassing business solutions services including strategic tax planning and advisory, outsourced accounting, fractional CFO services, and financial planning and analysis (FP&A).

  • Improve employee benefits with development and growth opportunities, enabling the company to attract and retain talented professionals and invest in innovative practices.

“We've decided that now is the perfect time for the evolution of the firm for both ours and our client's future success,” said Jennifer Brook, CPA, Chief HR Officer who will play an important role in the management of both the Tax and CAS departments.

“This merger will bring many benefits to the clients and employees of both firms by fusing our resources and shared values. We will have a full suite of services and progressive technology to offer to clients. Employees will have increased professional opportunities while working for a firm that is committed to their success,” said Derek Campbell, CPA. Derek will serve as Chief Operating Officer and Director of CAS.

About CPA Group of Laramie

CPA Group of Laramie was established with a focus on serving the tax compliance, tax consulting, and accounting needs of clients as a trusted advisor, and to assist clients in maximizing personal net worth and financial well-being.

About Capital Clarity Co.

Capital Clarity Co. was founded after realizing the important role that an accountant should play in assisting small business owners. They strive for a relationship with each of their clients that will lead to more involvement and a better understanding of their overall business strategy. They focus their efforts on helping clients achieve their goals.

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